Coffee is not just a drink the sleepiness that has become everyone’s favorite. Someone’s personality based on the fact you can see from the choice of coffee they drank.

Three types of coffee are the most are the most frequent type of coffee drunk and that’s how the drinker’s personality

Black coffee

People who drank black coffee tends to have a more efficient lifestyle minimalist and simple.

This shows the type of coffee forthright personality, moody, taciturn and has many friends.

Even so, the person is disdainful of others and determined.

Coffee Latte

Helpfulness, like taking time for anyone, like comfort, less concerned about himself, it’s easy to complain even find himself the most miserable, wishy washy and are not able to decide what is the character of those who drank coffee this type.


Lovers of this type of coffee is enough people watching their style, creative, good social skills so that favored by friends, and relax in the face of any kind.

Ice coffee

Well, for this type of coffee drinker usually is someone who is confident, outgoing, assertive enough and has a high curiosity.

But sometimes childish and careless.

Instant coffee

Like other types of coffee choices, the drinker’s personality also likes hurry so less able to plan well and easy going even tend to be too relaxed.

Bad habits of people who drink coffee this type is often put things off, often not timely and not too happy with something that detail.


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