Besides Kopi Luwak, Indonesia still has other copies are no less popular. One is Kopi Tubruk fairly well-known in Java and Bali.

The brewed coffee is a coffee drink from Indonesia were made by coffee doused with hot water.

Water used to be really hot (range 95-100 degrees Celsius). If not then, there will be hot coffee beans left.

The name of this coffee comes from Java language because in making the coffee beans are destroyed instantly added / ditubrukin into hot water without any filter.

This coffee has in common with coffee from Turkey and Greece in terms of a concentration.

Coarse ground / coffee grinder bit rough is the most appropriate for this type of coffee.

While the coffee grinder such delicate coffees in Indonesia are generally more suitable for Turkish Coffee.

Recipes from instant coffee was brought by traders from the Middle East to Indonesia. In the Middle East, this is known as the coffee brewed coffee sludge.

Not only that, brewed coffee can also be made into a milky coffee. Only by adding the sweetened condensed milk.

Generally, Kopi Tubruk can be enjoyed with fried banana.


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