The original Indonesian Kopi Luwak coffee is most expensive & delicious coffee in the world of course has a feature which distinguishing it from other coffee.

There are at least four differences civet coffee with regular coffee is worth it to you to know, such as

Coffee Beans

If the coffee beans are elected by humans or machines, Kopi Luwak is made from coffee beans Java programming language itself.

As we know, the instinct of the animals were very sharp so that this animal will choose the best quality coffee beans.

Perfect Fermentation

The coffee beans are eaten civet specific reactions to the enzyme in the digestive system of the civet which the results will make Kopi Luwak has a distinctive aroma and flavor.

The fermentation process is what can not be done by other coffee makers.

Good quality

The quality of civet coffee that has just been created equal in quality to regular coffee beans that have been stored for 5-8 years both in terms of aroma and flavor.


The fermentation process is unusual and the taste and aroma which is more typical of other coffee Kopi Luwak make prices more expensive than regular coffee

How, interested to tasting Kopi Luwak? Come on, try it now Rollaas Kopi Luwak genuine and qualified coffee.

To purchase Kopi Luwak Rollas please contact Rollaas Customer Service via WhatsApp 087889182644 or Email


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