Barista has become a recognized profession of many people.

Not surprisingly, many young people are interested in becoming a barista to open his own coffee shop.

as a barista who is just learning, there are some basic things you need to know, such as

Learning about the world of coffee

As a barista course you have to know and love the world of coffee as the types of coffee, culture, development of tools to coffee.

Equipment coffee maker

A coffee maker can be divided into two kinds of coffee maker automatically and manually.

You should have a manual brewing equipment, such as grinder, mocha pot, siphon, and french press, as well as find out also how to use them.

Understanding basic coffee

In the coffee brewing there are some things that can affect the taste of the coffee that we make as the ratio between the water and the coffee, the coffee powder roughness levels, water quality, and freshness of the coffee beans.


Coffee has a natural sweet taste and different every kind. Frequent practice and try different types of coffee will make you more sensitive tongue


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