Of course you already feel the benefits of drinking coffee, but did you know that plants can also benefit the coffee taste like

Prevent pests

With coffee grounds sprinkled around a potted plant dn land where the plants grow can prevent the arrival of leaf-eating animals such as snails, slugs, and caterpillars.

The smell of coffee spread too powerful to repel cats or dogs who want to throw dirt at the plant.

You can use coffee grounds are dried first by drying before spreading to the ground.

Made into fertilizer

Chemical fertilizers that we often use in plants is not necessarily a positive impact on the surrounding environment.

To reduce the negative impact, you can make coffee grounds as fertilizer.

Mix and stir the coffee grounds to the ground so that this fertilizer can make the soil more nutritious inviting worms to help improve the soil

Substitute water spray plants

With a mix of coffee plant will look more healthy and fresh, but this only applies to acid loving plants such as roses and the like, vines and violet.

Beautify flower color

The content of the pH in the near-neutral coffee is needed by plants to supplement energy and nutrients that will give effect to the increasingly beautiful colors of leaves as well as flowers.


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