Drinking coffee at the coffee shop has recently become part of people life style. Either with friends or alone, people tend to linger at the coffee shop.

There is an impression and special experience that feels different when coffee at the coffee shop. Not infrequently, there is felt a little boredom while in the coffee shop.

Though there are some simple & fun things you can do at the coffee shop, such as

Talk with barista

If you come alone to the coffee shop, you should choose to sit in the coffee bar.

Here you can order at once see the direct manufacture of the coffee. During the manufacturing process, you can ask about the coffee to the barista.

Barista will usually be happy to share information about coffee to its customers who are interested in coffee.

Talk with friends or other visitors

If you come alone to the coffee shop and feel bored, try to talk with other visitors who also come alone. Start with simple topics to discuss interior eg coffee shops.

If you come with friends, it’s good to keep gadgets from your reach so that There can enjoy coffee and being with friends who may not always be there.

Read the book

As you understand row sentences from the book, a cup of delicious coffee and features a comfortable coffee shop atmosphere makes this a very enjoyable activity

Take a Photo

Most of the coffee shop has a cool interior and trendy so it can be used as a photo, plus more coffee you ordered especially cappuccino or latte to be missed for upload to social media and blogs or kept private.

Order different menu

Every time you stop by the coffee shop favorites try all existing coffee menu alternately.

The more you try different types of coffee, the broader your experience about coffee because it will find something new there

If you do not have time to coffee shop, brewed Kopi Luwak Rollaas at home can be fun anyway.

To purchase Rollaas Kopi Luwak, please contact Customer Service Rollaas via WhatsApp: 087889182644 / Email: Rollasscs@gmail.com


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