Currently, Coffee and social media is one that can not be split up.Young and active people in particular vying to show the best photo in social media to gain a lot like.

Uusually coffee and everything to do with coffee became the object of interest.This is called Coffee Photography.

If you want to have a good image results, you need to pay attention to these things.

Selection of backgrounds including important and influential on a photograph.

The background is that you should use a clean background and does not interfere with the primary object.

Background in the coffee shop or the black cloth is usually the most widely used by coffee photographer.

If you want to highlight a little steam out of the cup, making sure to use a dark background.

However, the use of background color can ruin a photo, or even make a nice photo, it depends on how we manage the composition.

In addition, the results of an interesting picture can not be separated from the shooting position.

Based article from Tempo, here are some techniques appropriate image capture

Photos looks aside

This position will show the contents of the coffee beverage. This position is usually used when shooting into a glass of cappuccino in which the main point is the arrangement of espresso

Photos looked from above

Most people familiar with this technique to flat lay name and are usually in the picture is not just coffee but added other items to tell the personality of the coffee drinkers

If you show a hand in the photo frame then this technique in terms of hand’s in the frame that provide personal impression.

Artistic photos

With this technique you need to add a little sprinkling of products such as sugar or coffee beans in a mess

To give a little color to photograph a cup of coffee, you can add a few items that have bright colors such as flowers or fresh fruit

Not only latte and espresso that you can make any object. Civet coffee could also.

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Are you ready to become a coffee photographer?


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