Latte art is the art of drawing a pattern on top of the coffee contained in the foam. The actual materials used to make latte art is very easy.

These are the things that you need to be prepared to make latte art

Latte or milk that used to be in a state of heat that can raise when poured foam or foam. Temperatures are necessary, to get the milk foam is 71ÂșC.

After making milk foam, you can start making one serving of espresso. To make one serving of espresso, use about 7-8 grams of powdered espresso.

Then use a pot that has a pointed tip and made of stainless steel as a latte.

To create a variety of patterns, you can use a toothpick or a special stick made of metal.

Make latte art without sticks you can do by way shake the teapot carefully with a movement back and forth and move towards the back slowly.

In addition, it is better to use a cup that is wide because it easier for you to develop and create latte art designs.

Before attempting to use milk, you can try the water first to get used to pour and whisk at the same time.

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