Many people usually only brew and stir to make a coffee. However, for those coffee lovers it is worth trying some of the following ways to make coffee so much more delicious

Drip Method / Filter Method
A simple and efficient way that can be done by anyone who wants to make the coffee so much more delicious.

Simply place the ground coffee filter paper that is located above the coffee vessel. Then pour the hot water over the ground coffee.

Coffee was served after brewed by heating the vessel.

French Press

With this method can extract a lot of flavors found in coffee powder. Various coffee shop too much use of this method.

It’s easy to use, insert ground coffee into the French Press. Then pour boiling water from a jug into a French Press with a rather high position of the French Press itself because it can produce a water bubble that will make the aroma of coffee is much more delicious.

The longer stirred it will make the aroma and taste of coffee more unified. Before in the present, do not forget to press the coffee using a French Press lid slowly.

Turkish Coffee / Arab Method

This method is used only to give coffee flavor very concentrated. The trick is to manually grind coffee beans or using coffee grinder machine.

Coffee powder is then placed in a vessel with sugar and water. Then stir the mixture until all 3 times.

Although a bit complicated and requires a variety of tools,, that methods you can apply at home to get delicious coffee.

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