In the previous article, has discussed the benefits of coffee on our health. Not only that, in fact, coffee is also frequently used as beauty treatments like this

Face mask 

The coffee that is used on the face as a mask can make the skin more toned and also remove dead skin cells.

Coffee can also be used as a cream for the facial cleanser.

Scalp Treatment

The caffeine content in coffee making as an anti hair loss. The antioxidants in caffeine active role to keep the scalp.

Skin Refreshing Body 

Coffee beneficial to maximize the release of dead skin cells that have an impact on skin rejuvenation.

Use coffee as a scrub for regular skin care to make your skin look healthy and glowing.

Used for Pedicure and Manicure 

Aroma therapy from the coffee grounds can help clean the black elbow and heel cracks.

It also can increase skin firmness and maintain the aging body.

If you want relaxation yourself by drinking good coffee and delicious, Rollaas Kopi Luwak is the right choice.

Rollaas civet coffee Kopi Luwak is derived from Java Coffee Arabica beans with superior quality that is eaten by a mongoose found in coffee plantations in East Java, Indonesia.

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