One of the myths about caffeine which many people know is that caffeine can cause insomnia or sleep disorders.

In fact, caffeine can affect the human body for more than five hours, so that caffeine will only delay rather than prevent sleep sleep.

So, it is better for a person not to drink beverages containing caffeine six hours before bedtime.

As for the myth of caffeine more often believed by many people is as follows:

Dehydrated when drinking beverages containing caffeine

There is a point when a little caffeine causes increasing expenditure of body fluids.

The researchers proved that coffee can also hydrate the body just like water.

If you drink water regularly, then caffeine will not cause dehydration of the body.

Espresso contains more caffeine than regular coffee

One cup of espresso contains 2-4 times less caffeine than a cup of regular coffee.

You should drink 3-4 cups of espresso to achieve the same levels of caffeine in one cup of regular coffee.

Caffeine increases heart disease risk

Many scientists are agreed that drinking coffee in moderation (1-2 cups per day) is not harmful to the body.

So you do not worry about the health hazards while consuming caffeine then consume caffeine in the normal range of up to 400 milligrams of caffeine per day.

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