Coffee plant is considered as plants that have the most antioxidants.

However, if the excessive consumption of coffee, in fact, can also harm the body.

To that end the following things need to be done so that you stay healthy despite enjoying a cup of coffee

Avoid added sugar or other sweetening

Latte, cappucino, frappucino and like a good idea needs to be avoided because the sugar content in it very much is about 300-400 calories.

If you do not like the bitter black coffee, to add sweetness can use maple syrup.

Avoid adding creamer

Creamer that is safer and healthier to use is made of coconut milk because it contains healthy saturated fat that can boost immunity

Using quality water

Water containing iron can change the taste of the coffee itself.

Use water that has been boiling for all taste Kipi sharper and pleasure when drinking.

Wait for about 30-60 seconds before it is poured into a glass.

One type of coffee excellence and obliged to try is Luwak coffee.

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