Kopi Luwak has now become the most expensive coffee in the world is a product native to Indonesia.

Kopi Luwak first found in Java in 1806 during cultivation (Cultuure Stelsel) by the Dutch colonial administration.

This type of coffee is found by accident during stelsel Cultuure.

Coffee fruit is a favorite food of the civet and he will roam to find food this delicious.

When it has found, they will pick the best fruits, the most delicious and the most ripe to be eaten.

In the days of cultivation, the farmers are forced to grow coffee are not authorized to consume itself the fruit of the coffee.

Due curious about the taste, the farmers eventually find another way to taste it is to take the dried coffee beans mixed with civet droppings.

When in the process and in the clear, taste scrumptious Kopi Luwak fact more than other types of coffee when drinking

If you want to try Rollaas Kopi Luwak is processed and produced in one of the coffee plantations in East Java, please contact WA 087889182644 / Email Rollasscs@gmail.com


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