Coffee is not only beneficial to eliminate sleepiness but coffee has benefits both for the audience, especially the type of Kopi Luwak.

The various benefits of Kopi Luwak to prevent these diseases such as:

Useful to protect teeth

According to research, coffee can protect teeth from bacteria that cause cavities, besides drinking one cup of civet coffee every day can also prevent the occurrence of oral cancer.

Useful for preventing breast cancer

According to The Journal of Nutrition study civet coffee drinking four cups a day can prevent breast cancer, which is prone to occur in those who are already ahead of the menopause.

Useful to protect skin

According to the study drank two cangkit civet coffee can reduce the risk of skin cancer up to 17%

Helpful for diabetes

Utilizing civet coffee 2-4 cups per day can help us to prevent diabetes come

Beneficial for neurological diseases

Antioxidants and caffeine contained in coffee mapu prevent Parkinson, besides the caffeine contained in coffee luwak also able to inhibit inflammation in the brain, which berakitkan nerve disease

Beneficial to prevent gallstones

Cholesterol crystals trapped inside the gallbladder, which can be treated with caffeine, because caffeine has a non-stick substance, so
ledir crystals precipitate akam not dialam bile.

To get the benefits of civet coffee is perfect do not forget also cobain also Rollaas Kopi Luwak.

Rollaas civet coffee Kopi Luwak is the superior quality that is eaten by a mongoose found in coffee plantations in East Java, Indonesia.

For more information and purchasing, please contact
Rollaas Customer Service
WA : 087889182644
Email :


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